The INNER HAPPINESS RETREAT is a unique and delightful week filled with experience, inspiration, personal growth, development, reflection, connection, magic, freedom, fun and some serious enjoyment.

For 7 days you will stay on the island of Ibiza, an extraordinary paradise, in the middle of a quiet valley with heartwarming nature and a beaming sun.

The program is especially designed to let you experience your true potential of happiness. Every day there is yoga, storytelling, amazing workshops, individual choice, delicious dinners, free time to play, connect, enjoy and be silent. A team of incredible coaches will inspire you with tools, insights, (body) awareness, (soul) awaking and a intense experience.

It is a spiritual journey just as it is a practical and down-to-earth retreat.

Over the past two years this retreat had over more than 50 adventurers. Almost each life of each adventurer has become more light, more loving, more from the heart, more fulfilled, more into own hands, more upbeat and with more magic.

Nobody said live is easy. But it is pretty amazing! This journey is guaranteed to bring you more freedom, happiness and intense experiences into your life!


  • Completely step away from your busy life for a while?
  • Let go of all your fast thoughts and really recharge yourself?
  • Learn what you need to create your own happiness?
  • Be happy in your own body
  • Be accepted for who you really are?
  • Feel you are just perfect the way you are
  • Enjoy sun and nature the whole day, every day?
  • Breathe in the sensation of freedom?


  • “I want to embrace all of my emotions and feel alive because of them”
  • “I want to live to my full potential: radiant, free and happy!”
  • “I want to work and live guided by the voice of my heart”
  • “I want to be in full connection with myself, my desires and my feelings”
  • “I want to connect more and deeper with the beautiful people around me”
  • “Body and heart comes before mind and ego”
  • “I believe I can do and be anything my heart desires”
  • “I embrace my true wonderful loving self”
  • “I am ready for some kick-ass new, amazing, extraordinary adventures”







“The biggest gift of this retreat is my renewed vision upon myself. I realise that I have a lot of voices that I give most of the time the most power. The detachment of these voices gives me back my freedom to be myself. I walk and work through live now with a softer heart and this is very pleasant for the people surrounding me. My husband as well as my employees are thankful for this week.”
Since this retreat it is easier for me to listen to the voice of my heart. I notice that I enjoy life much more intens. And the sadness or anger that comes, I can carry it. I have gain a trust in life that flows through my veins. I have grown so much through this retreat and back in my own life I notice this everyday! So proud of myself that I had the courage to do this.
This retreat put some wheels in motion. Certain things that I was not conscious of anymore arised. At first I was not so happy with it but now after some time. I’m super thankful. These things needed to be seen, felt, accepted in order to really can let them go. And I did. It was really an amazing experience that left a special mark in my heart. More that I ever could think of…
Making a real connection from the heart! For myself and from that place connecting with others. Every day for 7 days. Wow…! I have not experienced that in years. Every day I felt more free, more playful, more happy. I wanted to love myself again and that is exactly what I do now: love myself!

Namaste ♡♡

This retreat in short… It meant a new beginning in my life! In many ways… The best decision ever!
I did this retreat two times! And both times I needed it. My life was upside down: everything that I knew was gone and I had to start over. And I did now…

I accepteert myself fully, I know what I want and what not. I live more and more in the moment and enjoy what that brings.

I live more from the heart. I speak from the heart, I listen from this place, I connect with others from the heart and that already made a hugh difference in my life.

Thank you all for being here and hosting this awesome retreat!

High of life
What an adventure. Being totally away of everything that you know. For me it was a big out-of-comfort-zone experience. But what a journey! Crying, playing, sharing… It was all so intens, so welcome, so cool. Making a new connection with yourself, feeling things that I didn’t know I could just feel on my own.

There is no way back! Only forward! This journey just begun. And I’m loving it! This is what REAL HAPPINESS feels like!